Health Organizations

Tulane Blood Services (TUBS) works with the Blood Center of Southeast Louisiana to organize campus blood drives throughout the academic year. Volunteers educate and provide awareness of the importance of blood donations on the Tulane campus. Contact Wen Epstein Fischer,

Tulane Lives Beyond Breast Cancer empowers all affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible and with the best quality of life. Contact Libby Aldridge,

Tulane Organ Donor Association (TODA) is an organization dedicated to bringing education and awareness of the importance of Organ Donation to Tulane’s campus. Their goals also include registering more donors for the state organ donor pool as well as attempting to eliminate the myths surrounding the subject matter. Contact Hannah Case,

Tulane Red Cross Club facilitates in providing volunteer opportunities for all Tulane students to participate in Red Cross affiliated activities, including disaster response, safety preparedness and international services. Contact Madeleine Grove,

NAMI On-Campus Tulane NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Our goal at Tulane is to help raise awareness and eliminate stigma on mental illness, as well as provide additional support for our peers. Contact Emma Bassin,

Heart4Heart is an entirely student-run, international children’s charity which provides life-saving surgeries for children in developing countries with congenital heart disease (CHD). CHD is the number one birth defect in the world but easily preventable if you have access to modern medicine. Surgeries only cost $1000 in the areas that we operate and we fundraise for one child at a time, so donors can put a face to exactly where their money is going. Contact Alex Sheena,

If you have any questions regarding Health Organizations contact Emma Bassin at




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