What is CACTUS?

  • CACTUS is the Community Action Council of Tulane University Students which is established in order to promote and provide accountable service and awareness of issues on a community, national, and global level.  Additionally, CACTUS works to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the community and university.  CACTUS also is a resource to students, faculty, staff, student organizations and projects, and community partners looking to do this work with Tulane University.

How is CACTUS organized?

  • CACTUS consists of over 40 service organizations and projects. CACTUS is the service umbrella council for Tulane’s Undergraduate Student Government; any service club or project falls into the CACTUS Council. CACTUS is governed by the Executive Board – the Chair, the Executive Vice Chair, the Recruitment & Publicity Chairs, the Finance Chair, Transportation Chair, Projects Chair, Events Chair, Community Partners Chair, and Administrative Chair

How do I get involved with a Service Project?

  • We have over 40 service organization and projects ranging from weekly or bimonthly organizations such as tutoring, or rebuilding, to more long-term projects with a handful of major events throughout the year. Consult the “Get Involved” section of the site to find a project that you’re interested in and get in touch with them!

I’ve got an idea for a service project – how do I start one?

  • Great question! You can either form your own project by writing a constitution and having ten other members, or, you can re-start a derelict project. Once you have an idea contact both the USG Vice President for Student Organizations and the CACTUS Chair.
  • Here is the link to the Project Application Form!

I don’t have a car, how do I get to my project site?

  • Don’t you worry, CACTUS provides transportation to off-campus service sites. Get in touch with the project coordinator and they will tell you when and where to catch the bus.

My CACTUS Organization needs additional funding! How can we secure some more money?

  • Please fill out this Finance Form and we will try our best to support you!
  • Additionally, check out the Felson Fund! Individuals can receive up to $250 and organizations can receive up to $500.

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